Stratechem (I) Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) was established in the year 2000. Located 50 Km from Mumbai at Taloja MIDC area, the facility is a short distance from India’s main port of JNPT/Navasheva and is surrounded by ancillary industries to support it manufacturing activities.

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Anisole Methyl Benzene Sulphonate
Benzene Sulfonic Acid Methyl Para Toluene Sulphonate
Sodium Benzene Sulphonate N-Phenyl Benzene Sulphone Amide
Benzene Sulfonamide Potassium Sulfone Sulfonate
Ammonium Benzene Sulphonate Phenyl Acetyl Chloride
Diphenyl Sulfone Para Chloro Benzene Sulfonil Chloride
Menthyl Lactate Para Chloro Benzene Sulfonic Acid
Methane Sulphonic Anhydride Para Chloro Benzene Sulfonamide
5 Sodium Sipa Ethylbenzoate (Dmeb)
Para Chloro BenzeneSulfonic Acid (Sodium Salt) 4 Benzoyl 4 Methyl Di Phenyl Sulphide
Veratrol Para Chloro Thio Phenol
2-(Dimethylamino) Ethylbenzoate (Dmeb) Para Thio Cresol (Ptc)
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